Monday, May 7, 2018

Video in making

I started making clips with the bike to use as the video portion of the instructable. I haven't got anything i really like yet, so I shall keep filming and hopefully get something amazeballs.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Stop Moving!

I finally got around to drilling the holes into the tensioner that i needed to, because if I just left it as it was any longer the chain would be able to come loose and shatter the shell. Also it locked up the bike and it was just all around a bad thing.

Gas Leak

The gas tube that runs the gas from the tank to the engine has been becoming looser and looser, so i decided to stop a problem before it happened and just zipped tied it down.

Further Break Problems

The breaks I purchased would not fit on the actual bike, because apparently the frame only works with specific one made for that brand. So I will need to drill holes into the frame to be able to fit any improved break system onto the bike

Friday, April 13, 2018

Project Initiation Document

Project  Document
DIY Motor Bike

Project Background and Information.
The project that I will be doing is I will be taking a normal bike and applying an engine to it. I will be doing this as a learning experience with mechanics, and to have a mode of transportation while I am saving up for a car. 

Business case/ Benefits of doing this project.
The benefits of doing this project will be I will gain knowledge on how to set up a motor bike, have a mode for transportation, and having a hobby that will probably last me a couple of years in order to get it perfect. 

The bike has modifiers that can make it Faster, but using those will require me to take off the muffler. And the muffler is the only thing that allows me to hear while on the bike.

No longer in danger

I finally managed to drill the whole in the tensioner so it will stop getting loose, and the chain will stop falling off. I used a self tapping screw to make my life easier.