Friday, April 13, 2018

Project Initiation Document

Project  Document
DIY Motor Bike

Project Background and Information.
The project that I will be doing is I will be taking a normal bike and applying an engine to it. I will be doing this as a learning experience with mechanics, and to have a mode of transportation while I am saving up for a car. 

Business case/ Benefits of doing this project.
The benefits of doing this project will be I will gain knowledge on how to set up a motor bike, have a mode for transportation, and having a hobby that will probably last me a couple of years in order to get it perfect. 

The bike has modifiers that can make it Faster, but using those will require me to take off the muffler. And the muffler is the only thing that allows me to hear while on the bike.

No longer in danger

I finally managed to drill the whole in the tensioner so it will stop getting loose, and the chain will stop falling off. I used a self tapping screw to make my life easier.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

List of stuff used

1. Black Stallion 80cc Angle Fire Slant Head Engine 2.75 HP
2. Friction Clutch
3. Magneto With Solid State CDI Ignition
4. 44Tooth, 9 Hole Sprocket
5. 3 Plate Sprocket Kit
6. 2 Liter Fuel Tank
7. Black Muffler
8. Push Button Clutch Lever And Cable
9. Twist Throttle/Engine Kill Switch
10.Gas Valve
11. Fuel Line
12.Chain Tensioner
13. Carburetor
14. Needle Bearings On Piston Wrist Pin
15. Improved 415 Chain
16. Universal Motor Mount
17. 9-hole clamp pads
18. 15 1in 10mm bolts
19. 6 1 1/2in 10mm bolts
20. 10mm wrench
21. plyers
22. Thread Lock
23. Drill
24. Air pump
25. Bike
26. ZipTie
27. Break Pads

Monday, April 9, 2018

Let's take it off road

I want to get 28in tires meant for a bmx bike so I can take it off road and go down some dirt trails in it. As of know it has street tires, but if I get the bmx it wont slip and slide everywhere thats not a paved surface. Besides that the bike runs good and everything staying in place.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

A shift in an important piece

The tensioner on the bike keeps coming loose. So I need to drill a small hole and put a bolt in there to make sure that the grip is stable. When this comes loose the chain gets too floppy and falls off the gear. This is a problem because that can cause a crack in the shell that holds everything together .

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Where were goin, we dont need breaks

Everything on the bike is good except for the fact the it has no breaks, the seat is falling off, and i need to buy some more of the lock tight for the rest of the bolts that I ran out for. Besides that I runs nice and it goes pretty fast.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Firmly Grasp It

The bike works(more or less), but the screws keep falling out. This causes problems in every part of the bike. So I shall be looking for a ThreadLocker that will keep the screws in place, but not as permanent as a weld so I will still have access to the screws if I need to make further adjustments to the bike.